Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I'm a brown koala!


You are Brown Koala, who is quiet and modest. TICKED

You are graceful and have atmosphere of being rather old fashioned. TICKED

You don't like conflicts and are a peaceful person. TICKED

People will not hate you.

But you don't get loved passionately by the others either. TICKED

You tend to have the same kind of relationships with each one of them, and no one becoming special.

You don't get too close to anyone. double TICKED

You have great sensitivity, and those who get to know you may find you rather too nervous. TICKED

You are cautious to people around you, and worry too much about your family and yourself. TICKED

You are realistic person, and you prefer rationalism to emotional things. DOUBLE TICKED

Nevertheless, you possess great sensitivity and have sense of beauty.

You are very romantic type of person.

You also possess natural aptitude to spirituality.

Your selfish comment may make you isolated from people around you. TICKED

If you can control your weakness, you may be able to show your talent that matches the need of the society.

If you try to be a perfectionist, you will break the inner balance and may shut yourself in your own dreamy world.
You should see things objectively and widen your vision.
This will lead to successful life.
Once married, you will be a devoted wife, and a mother obsessed with children's education.

Monday, April 25, 2005


i'm quite pissed with my life right now.
juggling between friends, loved ones, family & work.

well, i don't have much problem with friends & loved ones, cos i don't have many friends anyway.

about my work:
well, i have deadlines every month, i have free screening to go to which it's kinda stupid to miss free shows isn't it?
i have events to attend, i have to go outstation and the list builds up.
i'm quite satisfied with what i have now.

big problem.
to her, i seem to be very secretive. i seem to hide alot of things from her.
yes i admit. but why you asked.
because, in her eyes everything i do is wrong.
loving my job, sticking with it, with deadlines every month doesn't seem right.
going out with friends, just from yamchar, isn't right too.
well, clubbin.. i guess i can stop thinking about that.
friends, big problem to her. everyone is bad. no one is good
you figure out the rest.

i'm a woman with few words. with this kind of mum attitude. i'll be left with no words.

Friday, April 15, 2005

seremban updates

no siew pau, cos i paid a flat rate of RM2.10 to get into the terminal 1 building hence i did not want to come out linger around in this macha-land.

anyway, this would not be my ideal town to live in, cos i can't bear the smell, nor live without starbucks. being there for like 5 hours is enough.

also went to do up my alignment & balancing yesterday noon at LS (sunway)
hmm apperantely the boss thought i just changed a new set of tires, although i've been using them for like a year and the half. my thread is fabulous, and they accept my trade in of 4 tires (AVS ES100) for RM350, and getting the AD07 for RM270 per tire.
i still wonder why my thread left so much since i travel KL-PJ everyday.

my final option is i will still go to klang for tires.. heheh

next topic.
are PLU really coming out from the closet?

recently, i browse a chinese mobile phone magazine (called ERing), in one section, there's something call e-pal, where u suppose to send in ur sms asking for friends, and your message will be display in the magazine like classified. Over 200 classifieds, i've counted there's about at least 25 are looking for PLUs around. maybe... there shld be a better community for the PLUs here in M'sia.

so anyone looking for PLUs could get this magazine and try their sms services.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Specs: SUPER RE RACING 100% SYNTHETIC 10W 40 (isn't RE series made for rotary?)

ok so Joshua T is delivering a 'special priced' fully synthetic HKS engine oil over now.
priced at 'half the price' still expensive for me, but will try if it's good enough for my little humble slow engine.
hopefully no knocking nor tappet sound will occur.
thks Joshua for offering & giving me 'introducy price'

and.. i think Pacifier, is not up to my standard, however, this can be the entertaining family movies, especially if your family have kids from 3 - 15
verdict: 2/5

Monday, April 11, 2005

The Luna Review

You see, i'm sure you've all heard of these LUNA BAR, be it from the free lifestyle magazines out there, or be it those websites clubbing/chill out reviews.

you know you'll be drinking beside the pool. Oh how pretentious it's gonna be?
pool, cocktails...

they also tell you that it's on the rooftop on Menara Pan Global.
But what they never tell you is, the experience to get to the rooftop.
and i'm here to tell you the step-by-step to get to LUNA

1st, you walk in the menara pan global (that's the former BACKROOM buidling, or if you are old enuogh, you know that FIRE was once there)
- walk in to the building (the entrace right above backroom main entrance)

- find the lift, get it, press the highest floor, which is 22
- get out from the lift, walk out, and you shall find a flight of stairs (which it's beside a mini waterfall)
- walk up the stairs, you'll find a lift out of nowhere
- press UP (and do not go any futher beyond the lift else u'll end up in The Olive [another pub/bar])
- take the highest number again (33)
- you'll come to a casher counter where you have to pay to get inside (RM50 per entry per person with 1 house pouring after 9.30pm / applicable on eve of weekends & public holidays)

after you get through the bouncer, there's another flight of stairs where yes. there's LUNA

i'm tired by the time i reach. but it worth the experience of finding the way in a SILENT building.

one more thing is, those lifestyle magazines only show u the huge pool in LUNA,
so, i'm here showing you the KL skyline, taken in LUNA ~ enjoy folks

Seeing the KL TOWER

The pool, and the bar at far left

more tables

Looking down MUI plaza

KLCC view & the green shining is UBN Tower

Am building & it's infamous camel

Plenty of toilet rolls & tiles

The mirrors.. hmm remind you of Dentist's appoinment?

It does have shower facility & saura room, locker too in the loo

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Various Updates

oh oh there's quite some update ~ picture shall accompany with it

ATM dispenses these kind of notes. and its not accepted at alot of places

getting my SRR fixed by jackson ~ but however the ARB can't be fitted for now
it's so colorful now . . .

Civic EF, hatchback, but 4 door?!

Honda Charade Espri Blue Top :P

Friday, April 01, 2005

Which Tarot Card Are You?

The Temperance Card
You are the Temperance card. Temperance is the
blending of elements to produce stability. We
say that someone is temperate when they are
pleasant and easy going. Temperance achieves
balance through merging, so a temperate person
is one who feels whole. Creative genius is
often found in the ability to unite two
previously unconnected ideas. Aleister Crowley
considers this one of the most important facets
of this card and names the card Art. He refers
to a generation of a third element out of two
previously existing elements. In the same way,
the artist has the ability to create a painting
from canvas and some tubes of coloured paint.
The temperate person is also inclined to think
about philosophy. Temperance leads to a calm
and rational logic but can also look beyond
everyday knowledge for the truth. Image from
The Stone Tarot deck.

Which Tarot Card Are You?
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