Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lou Mei

For those who understands chinese writing...


Friday, January 26, 2007

Happy Bufday To Me

Well, many who knows i hated cake. Because i have cakes every month, sometimes 2 per month.
So hehe my dear colleagues opt for KFC (YES!!!!) yum yum.

This year i probably got what i really wanted (all the while)
Let's check it out.
That's a Be@rbrick, a sandal that prolly will end up on my mum's leg. She love those. A bolster, and the sleepy cat. hmm.
Oh i like this fridge magnet photo frame too. Got 6 'cheap-coaster-that-you-can-find-in-any-pub' from Guiness, with some inspirational phrase on it. Came with discount voucher too, but no, i'm not really a stout drinker.
Much long awaited. I loved this shit.
This one came a day late. Specially wrapped with army prints.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


ok i have to say this. I was in a meeting half an hour ago, and suddenly my phone ring.

S: Hello, are you meifoong?
Me: err.. ya. Who's there?
S: Harlo i'm steven. you got honda civic right?
Me: ok. Which Steven?
S: Er i meet you before in Aman Suria. That time you servicing your car.
Me: err.. har.. ok so?
S: your honda civic is 1.8 ah?
Me: no. 1.6. Why?
S: got vtec ah?
Me: err.. yes?
S: No i wanna ask u if u wan to drag or not
Me: (WTF!!) Har drag no la aiyo can u call me back 2 hours later ah, i'm in the meeting la.
S: Aiya 2 hours so long ah. Ok ok.
Me: (tuut..tuut..tuut..tuut)

Ish.. Seriously, is this kind of 'stranger' invitation is common? I dunno this Steven.

ok my next question. What car? How much the bet this time?

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Chinese New Year

Once again, the annoying music starts playing, right after the Xmas.
Other than getting angpows, probably there's nothing more enjoyable, except some mahjong & pokers maybe.

Oh ya, in M'sia, ppl used to get free angpow packets (red packets) FOC from hypermarkets, insurance agencies, departmental stores, banks etc. Heck, even Cinema Online got angpow this year.

But in other places like Hong Kong, they BUY their angpow packets. And how important are you to the angpow 'giver' are determined by the design of the angpow. So if you like your niece (or your next door neighbour's daughter' alot, you should be giving them VERY VERY NICE design angpows. [What's inside it's another story]

So, will you be getting angpow packet from Giant, Magnum 4D or Maybank?

Nice 3D Red Packets from Hong Kong. With gold dust borders around.
Look carefully. Only the first red packet is in 3D. The rest are just normal red packets.


Hock Chiew Style

Pictured above, Red Distiller Fried Rice (Hong Zhau Chao Fan) & Red Distiller Mee Suah (Hong Zhau Min Sin]

HOM Cafe @ Damansara Uptown. The Row behind Maybank/Ambank.
Serves unusual (not really rare but maybe not in such combinations)
Restaurant is not really full of flocks, but it's okay.

Maybe you'll appreciate this restaurant if you are a Hock Chiew Kia. Are you?



Suating will break the seat and cover
Unfortunately this image wasn't taken from China.


Monday, January 08, 2007

2007 Calendars

OK, first, my 19inch monitor had been downgraded to a 17". My WinXP is back to Win2000. (I know there are some Vista out there but pls, i'm still in ancient age)

In result, i can't PnP my camera to the pc to dwload instantly on my topics, hence i have no mood to update hence i'm finding i work better. (Yes i actually DO work)

Hmm.. during the end of Dec, i was looking for table calendars desperately. So i found one, with kinda nice tiles & interior display kind of picture la. Then on Jan 3rd, channel [V] calendar came dropping on our laps. It's nice. Really. With the DJs high photoshopped pretty faces and the outfit sponsored by this&that fashion label. Then, woah! i saw The Curse of The Golden Cleavage Flower Calendar.

I tell you, these creative/agency are getting really creative. Either that or the 'lou sai' there is getting VERY fussy.

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