Monday, May 29, 2006


And so i went to to LHDN to get my SG number, in PGRM building, the one nearest to my home. (still dunno why i can't do it in Kelana branch)
So from the directory board, LHDN is level 8 - 12
And, obviously i'll press level 8. On level 8, there's board saying, for all income tax matters please proceed to level 9 (in Malay of cos). And so i waited for the lift. Reached level 9, i asked the 'receptionist' (which all floors happens to be male receptionist), which happens to guide to level 10 for new registration.

And then of cos my previous filled-form from other branches are not valid and i have to re-fill another form (which then retrieve the same information, only different layout) - WTH!
After i manage to get my SG number, i was told that i have to do e-filing and submit latest tomorrow. And i have to do the 2004 BE form as well, and submit to Pandan Indah Branch - WTHX2. (i'm not qualified in 2004)

Yeah so i now have to head to level 12, lined up for a while to get my sijil digital to enable for me to do e-filing (which when it's my turn 1 blardy auntie just cut my line) - machouhai!
Free diskette (who still use diskettes!) for backup is provided FOC for those who sits in the 'hall' to do their e-filing with the help of the LHDN employees. For once i felt that i'm back to my school computer lab. There's about 40 heads waiting for 17 PCs, and it's all dell complete with 17' lcd monitor. dun pray pray

And then the same auntie try to cut another poor uncle's line to use the pc, i waited for 20 mins and i gave up, went to level 12 (same level) receptionist and ask for the 'RM15 panduan Percukaian Individu' - can deduct from tax later, since it's a book!!

and so now i must try to fill up the form today. I'm askinig for trouble since i'm blogging and not doing the e-filing. Die die die.

Conclusion: i should have only apply for the SG number after May 31. Then i have no rush.


Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Ikea Trip

What do you buy most in ikea store?
things that you can hand carry home, like curry puff, files, wrapping paper, frames, boxes, lunch box, most, maybe table lamp.

The biggest ikea thing that i had at home (at the moment) is a billy bookcase which is 6 feet (height), next would be the ultra expensive cd holder. Can't really remember how much was it, but it's like 5 feet height. All can be carried home if you have a bigger than kancil vehicle. Other typical small items are book end, boxes, well, rubbish bin, oh and how could i forget, pillows, pillows and pillows.

Who actually went and use their delivery service before? Now am gonna tell you, i had. And there'll be more deliveries soon, i hope. I just got a Galant Series oval shaped office/dinner table. Under special promotion, it's 339 (normal 545). I had to opt for delivery as there's no way i can carry back a 180cm long table, and try to assemble it myself without actually spoiling it.

And, there's a one charge fee of RM69 PER ADDRESS/PER TIME for all Klang Valley addresses. Normally, delivery is within 3 days, and during weekdays, you could probably get it the same day if you pay early (before noon) and next day delivery if you only made your arrangement by evening.

Now, what's catchy here is, for assembly service, there's a 5% charge (on the product actual price) per item. So for the discounted table (RM339) i pay about RM16++ for assembly service. The ikea guy told it in a way that i thought he was joking, but judging from his expression i guess he's not. Yeah, so i paid for it.

Here's the tips, if you plan to renovate/redecorate your home, measure your home, visualise it, make a few trips to ikea store for more imagination, best is also use their shopping list so you can still refer to it later at home. For kitchen & living room planner, feel free to use their available desktops for measurement & furniture placement. Then buy all ONE SHOT, :P it still cost RM69 per delivery.

Redecorating your home can be real fun, if you know exactly what you want and how you want it. See more at the stores, search the internet, get good color combination, you know the drill.

Soon, i'll get their comfy couch, the room divider and new range of curtain rod. Ol skool is out. Now let's just hope my car budget can go to the house till end of the year. It'll be fun then!


Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Belt(s) Changing Time

Stock head

Due for belts change, was procastinating this since i don't have enough extra cash in my hand, then while havin a game with Mike last 2 weeks, my aircond belt gave up.
From there i found that it's better not wait anymore for any other belts.
1. Timing belt
2. 1 bearing (lucky me, there's 3 bearing in total)
3. alternator belt (got bulu already)
4. Steering belt

Oh man, i need extra income. Dunno can make it for my HK/Thailand trip end of the year or not now. And what about getting a place of my own? Sigh

LHDN is such a pain in the ass. I have to open acc. at the LHDN nearest to my home. WTF, i spent most of my working days in PJ, why can't i open one at the branch nearest to my office?
1 day leave spent just for that. And soon when i start filling up the BE form, i'm sure more headache will come.

It's true, there's 2 thing you cannot escape. Death and income tax.


Monday, May 22, 2006

Today's English Lesson

Common mistake of Direct Translate Chinese to Engrish.

Scenario: Just now who open the ball?
Correct Sentence: Just now who served the ball.

Scenario: Did u wash the photo yet?
Correct Sentence: Did you develop the photo yet?

Some photos from Sepang last weekend.

And the tow trucks so high tech... OMG

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Friday, May 19, 2006


1. Are you a streamyx (screamyx, stimx) subscriber?
2. Are you an angry streamyx subscriber?
3. Do you get 100k out of your 1mbps subscription?
4. Do you pay RM88 per month for crappy service and bad customer service?
5. Do you experience downtime more than uptime?

If you answer yes for any of the above, pls go to this link.

(note: i'm not a streamyx user at home, as i don't belif their 'best effort' service. I try not to subscribe something that will give me headache later on)

i hope whatever happened in the Streamyx Special Interest Group (Streamyx SIG) will make TMNet wake up from their sweet dream and buck up.


Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Friendster Cafe

Situated at Damansara Perdana. Serves very much like fine dining with the lower pricing. Menu looks like regular average coffee station (namely station 1, or even KimGary style). Food came in with great display, but really, it doesn't taste that good.

Interior wise is formal enough for the kind of food they serve. Even have a wine cellar beside the bar. The only beer they served are Carlsberg and Skol. And a bucket has only 4 bottles instead of the usual 5. And by the way, sitting inside means it's a non-smoking area.

They serve coffee the starbucks way too. Friendsterchino. And seriously, it yucks. Listen to me, just stick to the beer ok.

(somehow it's kinda weird as you see your plate of a very much fine dining like with a 'Friendster plastic cup blended coffee')

Verdict: come for the usual gathering for beers, as a bucket is only RM40, (that's 10 per bottle), don't stay for the food. and everything just clashed. Food X Drink X Beer X Interior X Wine Cellar.

Will i return: Prolly not for the food. It's an OK place to get your car parked right infront of the cafe, choose a table outside, and start sipping your beer. Or check your mail with their free wifi service.


Saturday, May 13, 2006

How Low You Want to Go today?

forget the bumps. I can hardly go home either.


Monday, May 08, 2006

Apex'i Hayabusa

The dunno what exhaust i'm using now it's actually

Apexi Hayabusa

Satisfied as i finally found the model name.
It's not cap ayam ok!!


Saturday, May 06, 2006

Eating my words

TELAN terus... i'm eating my very own word
when i said i don't wanna do anymore LOWERING, i just did it today.

was at Ah Lai to extend the exhaust length so that it don't burn the bumper and create "nice color", i end up having another exhaust. It somehow look like Tanabe Ultra Medalion but it writes APEXi. Doesn't look fierce as before for sure, but it's really bassy. Yummy. The TIG welding is nice too.

And i end up exchanging my CTR spring with Apexi spring.

i think i did too much for this ah lian car already. Am gonna stop for a while else my wallet can't take it anymore.

- Paint job
- 2 new front tyres
- exhaust
- spring
pictures below
(such a cam whore, all big images)

Have a great weekend people!!!


Friday, May 05, 2006

Silverstone FTZ Type RR

and finally, i've decided to get 2 FTZ Type RR even though i have 3 votes (AD07) vs O votes (RR).
Costed RM320 (RM10 cheaper than the hard sell in zth forum) per piece for 15 inchers, and the only size for it is 195/50/15

Complete job is RM650 (RM10 for alignment) and no charge on your favourite visa or mastercard.

Job done in Hup Soon PJ SS3 (few doors beside Syed Bistro & Spoon Sports)
Great service and no worker is gonna do "stunts" with your car. Unlike the Branch in Sunway. But they looked kinda confused when they saw the thread, not too sure which side of the thread shld be facing out.

Couldn't wait, so i've hugged some corners later at night. Results was superb even though now the car looks like ugly duckling, the tyres too thin, and i DO NOT want the car to go any lower.


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

It's back!! Fresh smooth skin

after the long awaited 3 weeks time paint job, from 2 tone to a standard color (require special mixing and it's not exactly NH-0 (champion white), it's worth the wait.

special -kaw- champion white, great touch up and definitely not a lazy old man's job.


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
(hmmph, there goes my original Tap R sticker)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
(Arrow: 'Banana leaf' been sprayed black. Something i did not expect)

Now it's so smooth to touch, yet i'm waiting for it to be scratched.
Pricing, affordable.
Recommended if you have time to spare.

i'll not back on LRT anymore. Although i prefer much to walk now. There are just too many creepy people boarding the LRT. Once in a while, maybe

I'd bet first scratch will be seen LATEST 2 weeks from now.
Why? Because i live in apartments, there are people that gets jealous with new paint job.


Shopping List Re-compile

1. PS2
2. New Jeans
3. New Backpack
4. New work clothes
5. DVD series. Prison Break, Lost 1&2, L-word s3 (if it's out), 24 season 2
6. New Brassiere
7. Digital Camera
8. Samsung Miniket
9. New set of tyres (very soon)