Monday, May 29, 2006


And so i went to to LHDN to get my SG number, in PGRM building, the one nearest to my home. (still dunno why i can't do it in Kelana branch)
So from the directory board, LHDN is level 8 - 12
And, obviously i'll press level 8. On level 8, there's board saying, for all income tax matters please proceed to level 9 (in Malay of cos). And so i waited for the lift. Reached level 9, i asked the 'receptionist' (which all floors happens to be male receptionist), which happens to guide to level 10 for new registration.

And then of cos my previous filled-form from other branches are not valid and i have to re-fill another form (which then retrieve the same information, only different layout) - WTH!
After i manage to get my SG number, i was told that i have to do e-filing and submit latest tomorrow. And i have to do the 2004 BE form as well, and submit to Pandan Indah Branch - WTHX2. (i'm not qualified in 2004)

Yeah so i now have to head to level 12, lined up for a while to get my sijil digital to enable for me to do e-filing (which when it's my turn 1 blardy auntie just cut my line) - machouhai!
Free diskette (who still use diskettes!) for backup is provided FOC for those who sits in the 'hall' to do their e-filing with the help of the LHDN employees. For once i felt that i'm back to my school computer lab. There's about 40 heads waiting for 17 PCs, and it's all dell complete with 17' lcd monitor. dun pray pray

And then the same auntie try to cut another poor uncle's line to use the pc, i waited for 20 mins and i gave up, went to level 12 (same level) receptionist and ask for the 'RM15 panduan Percukaian Individu' - can deduct from tax later, since it's a book!!

and so now i must try to fill up the form today. I'm askinig for trouble since i'm blogging and not doing the e-filing. Die die die.

Conclusion: i should have only apply for the SG number after May 31. Then i have no rush.



At 11:35 AM, May 31, 2006, Blogger KY said...

procastination killed the lazy buffalo, or something..


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