Tuesday, February 28, 2006

AmBank my ass!

conclusion in short:
if you wanna do your insurance, go to the HQ and not the fucked up AmBank

Yeah yeah, yesterday i called up the customer center about my renewal and also the changed in engine number & capacity. I was told that ANY AMBANK branches can do.

And so this morning i head to the Taman Maluri AmBank branch. Ended up,
- They cannot modify the policy details (changed in engine number & cc) unless the new policy number is out. (meaning pay first do later.)
- Cheque need 2 days clearance. (meaning cover note will only come out when the cheque is clear, by then my roadtax is expired.)

The officer named Rachel, suggested that i go to their AmAssurance HQ and get my card swiped instead. And she advise me for things like this it's better not to get AmBank involved. Yeah right.

Fine, and i got my new cover note, my details updated and my free gift in 5 mins @ their HQ. That includes no-need-to-wait-for-cheque-to-clear. I shld have just go straight to the HQ.

Lesson learned. Stupid bank.

OFFICIALLY 1595cc!! It's legal! No more avoiding blocks :D

check out all the staples mark :S


Sunday, February 26, 2006


There's alot of farking retards in this world.

While we were enjoying being sweaty and over crowded in Thai Club yesterday, some baskets lala-chai broke into fights few tables away from us. Glasses, jugs and bottles start flying around and some of us manage to evade fast and ran down, while i manage to grab our half finished bottle together while seeing all of the table just fell down and broken glasses were everywhere. But 1 of ours wasn't so lucky. Completely a victim of those flying jugs & bottle, she got a bullseye. On her head.

Lucky it wasn't a broken glass. and we sent her to one of the infamous w/o money can't treat emergency hospital. Pantai Indah. Yeah. Did a scan and cost 1k. And she was framed that they found 'ubat' in her. Yeah whatever you say, sucker!

3 of us (me included) got minor cuts (really minor), and 1 cut her legs while running down because of the broken glasses on the floor. (Now i tell you sneakers come to use in situations like this)

These people just can't simply enjoy themselves peacefully huh?

And when i reach home, i saw this.

This left me with a little bit of patience. Really. I'm getting my brake fluid ready. Anytime soon. They need to respray their car.

If i couldn't squeeze in, i tell you i'll give them another dead horn even it's 5.30am in the morning. That should wake them up. And everybody else.

(but i wasn't so lucky this evening while i got my side scratched. And they should thank their God because my car needs a new paint job, i wasn't angry because of that. Else, more brake fluids.

This week is very bad week. Lucky today is the last day of the week.

Hopefully next week will be a better week.


Friday, February 24, 2006

Dodgy Letter

Today a letter came via normal post addressed to my mummy.

Return address is an IPOH P.O.Box.
It's an incomplete address. there isn't any KUALA LUMPUR / WILAYAH PERSEKUTUAN
And what's with the ENCIK/CIK? Cannot identify?

Upon opening it, there's 3 bahasa and 1 signature. It's from Perfect Healthy.
So they sell "health products", and we get free OLYMPUS 35mm camera upon visiting the shop and no purchase requirement.

Hey i remembered that i've got same letter too few years back but that time we have to visit CARREFOUR SRI PETALING to get some freebies.
In the end i did not go, and maybe this time i should. Hopefully there's no 45 mins of product introduction.

Anyone could furnish me the questions that i should ask them?


Monday, February 20, 2006

Last Day on North

Friday: http://kylielmf.blogspot.com/2006/02/friday-night-butterworth.html
Saturday: http://kylielmf.blogspot.com/2006/02/saturday-penang-island.html

After our regular breakfast, (which we had "hokkien mee" there, we were surprised that the "hokkien mee" that we ordered became prawn mee and not those black sauce yellow thick mee. And so happened in Penang/Butterworth, hokkien mee means prawn mee) we went into bukit mertajam and used trunk road to go towards Kulim (Kedah).

After about 25 mins of driving we reached a small town, and then we had duck. It's not some duck you found in KL, not those "pei pa ngap", not "lo ngap" also. Dunno what is it called but it taste really good.

They even have this vacumm packed for them to tapau home & cooked. It's 8.90 for half a duck (and 9.90 for half a duck without bones). All of us basically sapu those with bones and fill up our trunk with it.

After the yummy duck, we went even deeper, this time we masuk kampung, after few turnings, we reached this house with chairs & tables.

And the laksa (called assam laksa in KL) taste perfect. Free unlimited "ha-pia" (prawn crackers) and per bowl it's 1.90. (and same with all other mee that we had earlier)

We basically filled our stomach. Too lazy to move after so much meals, but we head deeper somemore. This time we went into "Taman Teknologi Kulim" (or something like that), masuk hutan, masuk kelapa sawit plantation, and ........


yeah! pond! Fish fresh from the pond.

And we ordered 2-fish, 1 steam & 1 fried. No rice. and a bottle of leong-sui.

Sweet & sour fried fish.

When the fried fish is gone, come the steam patin. It's good, because it's hard to find patin without the smell of soil. Serious. if dun believe go ask your dad.

So we went home via highway, and then we pack our bags (and tilams) and head for the last food before going home. Weird name, it's call 'chiam chiam'. Where u dip sticks of fruits in rojak sauce. -Rojak-in-stick-

and then... sigh, back to KL.

And the north jurnal ends, happily ever after.

*nites folks


Sunday, February 19, 2006

Air Gun!!!

Check out the holster man..... tsk tsk tsk

not revealing the gun, but it's a 1:1 scale CO2 based .45 (so it's illegal)

You wan to make a hole in your colleague's partition? Or shoot lizards, cockroach or perhaps mice? Or even involved in war game? Just like how you play CS, but this time it's real human with air gun.

now this thing is seriously tempting. Considering that i'm considering getting a N70, an air gun (COLT), or a new paint job. Any unker wan to be my sugar daddy? i'm not high maintainence at all but my hobbies are


Saturday, February 18, 2006

Filler Post : Angry

Fucking tulan with people that is senseless. Don't be a pig. Use your brain.

9am, i'm late for work. This red-box(pun intended) block my way. It's fine. Because i'm used to it. So just let me start my car and i hope he/she will notice.

9.15am. No sign. Few horn been throw. Boiling level raised to 30%. I then round the car, and saw a student ID. And a college car sticker. So i went to 3 potential apartments(notice the shoes & clothes) and knock their door. Only 1 answered. Not thier's, she says.

9.20am. I give them a DEAD HORN(20 seconds continous). [oh btw my new battery is strong, cos the horn is very the 'keng' compare to before]
The car unarmed. I came out from my car. and wait.

9.25am. Finally i saw a girl walking down. She said sorry and reversed to park in a parking spot. When she came down, i give her a 20 seconds lecture. In an angry way. Then i sped off like a mad cow on the loose.

(Now i can't give my car a new paint job. at least not so soon. I know it'll attract coins & keys to round my car after this incident)

I need suggestion on how to eliminate these people. I've been filling up my phone camera with idiots like these, and i'll submit a complaint letter with these pictures attached. It didn't work for 10 years. I hope this time it will. Close the visitor gate.

or else, i've got to come up with a new technology, deflate your car, and keep it in your pocket.

I don't hate people. I just hate those that doesn't use their mind when they have one.

Even i'm fucking happy when i got my headlight polished yesterday, now it all subsides because of this stupid fucker. Check out the headlights in the pic as well yeah.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Saturday @ Penang Island

Oh i finally changed the new maintainence free battery (read: MF)
now starting up it's powderful. and there, i overspent on cars this month

So, after the mice incident, we all slept like pig.


Ah b, Ah Nee & Yu Wei

after everyone finally woke up, we went for breakfast, and we had Yam Rice + Pork Balls + Intestine + Stomach.. (Mind you this is not the over-peppered Chu Chap Tong you found in KL)

We then head to jetty for ferry trip

Mind you per car is RM7.70 not RM7.00 as said by alot of people.

Lowered car are definitely not recommended to take ferry. Really. Unless u want to change your front bodykit.

Tarik brek tangan sepenuh penuhnya. If not it'll start drifting?

And we are near!

First thing is Batu Feringgi, didn't have a chance to go up there even i've been to Penang for 3 times. The ship sailed.

Take a guess on what they trying to capture with their camera phones....

it's their own sandal. Sick?

Fresh Coconut. I like

on our way turun from batu feringgi we saw. Pasar Mini muNIAMAH
I wonder the chinese go there or not

Longest flag

then we were stuck in a jam for about an hour, just to go to Bukit Bendera.
On the way we saw Toy Museum, went in to walk walk, and i'll do this in another post.

it was raining heavily, and we weren't equipped with any jackets, and there's only 1 umbrella for 6 of us. So we basically spent alot on the burger stall.

It was already dark when we head downhill, and took the highway back to mainland.
Then we head to somewhere in butterworth for duck egg char kuey teow.

Charcoal fried i tell you. The kuey teow was really good!!

Shit i'm hungry now. gonna get some snacks. Will update my Sunday trip very the soon :)

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