Saturday, February 18, 2006

Filler Post : Angry

Fucking tulan with people that is senseless. Don't be a pig. Use your brain.

9am, i'm late for work. This red-box(pun intended) block my way. It's fine. Because i'm used to it. So just let me start my car and i hope he/she will notice.

9.15am. No sign. Few horn been throw. Boiling level raised to 30%. I then round the car, and saw a student ID. And a college car sticker. So i went to 3 potential apartments(notice the shoes & clothes) and knock their door. Only 1 answered. Not thier's, she says.

9.20am. I give them a DEAD HORN(20 seconds continous). [oh btw my new battery is strong, cos the horn is very the 'keng' compare to before]
The car unarmed. I came out from my car. and wait.

9.25am. Finally i saw a girl walking down. She said sorry and reversed to park in a parking spot. When she came down, i give her a 20 seconds lecture. In an angry way. Then i sped off like a mad cow on the loose.

(Now i can't give my car a new paint job. at least not so soon. I know it'll attract coins & keys to round my car after this incident)

I need suggestion on how to eliminate these people. I've been filling up my phone camera with idiots like these, and i'll submit a complaint letter with these pictures attached. It didn't work for 10 years. I hope this time it will. Close the visitor gate.

or else, i've got to come up with a new technology, deflate your car, and keep it in your pocket.

I don't hate people. I just hate those that doesn't use their mind when they have one.

Even i'm fucking happy when i got my headlight polished yesterday, now it all subsides because of this stupid fucker. Check out the headlights in the pic as well yeah.


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