Friday, February 17, 2006

Saturday @ Penang Island

Oh i finally changed the new maintainence free battery (read: MF)
now starting up it's powderful. and there, i overspent on cars this month

So, after the mice incident, we all slept like pig.


Ah b, Ah Nee & Yu Wei

after everyone finally woke up, we went for breakfast, and we had Yam Rice + Pork Balls + Intestine + Stomach.. (Mind you this is not the over-peppered Chu Chap Tong you found in KL)

We then head to jetty for ferry trip

Mind you per car is RM7.70 not RM7.00 as said by alot of people.

Lowered car are definitely not recommended to take ferry. Really. Unless u want to change your front bodykit.

Tarik brek tangan sepenuh penuhnya. If not it'll start drifting?

And we are near!

First thing is Batu Feringgi, didn't have a chance to go up there even i've been to Penang for 3 times. The ship sailed.

Take a guess on what they trying to capture with their camera phones....

it's their own sandal. Sick?

Fresh Coconut. I like

on our way turun from batu feringgi we saw. Pasar Mini muNIAMAH
I wonder the chinese go there or not

Longest flag

then we were stuck in a jam for about an hour, just to go to Bukit Bendera.
On the way we saw Toy Museum, went in to walk walk, and i'll do this in another post.

it was raining heavily, and we weren't equipped with any jackets, and there's only 1 umbrella for 6 of us. So we basically spent alot on the burger stall.

It was already dark when we head downhill, and took the highway back to mainland.
Then we head to somewhere in butterworth for duck egg char kuey teow.

Charcoal fried i tell you. The kuey teow was really good!!

Shit i'm hungry now. gonna get some snacks. Will update my Sunday trip very the soon :)

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