Wednesday, February 01, 2006

That's what we do!

First day of CNY, "Pudu New Market" is closed. Left only non Chinese traders. And the market is dry, and clean. (Macam Kotex Advertisment)

And this is what the Chinese traders do when they off.
(images below are for illustration purposes only. Those models below are not from the market industry)

And if you notice the same kid in the last 2 pix, he made me hate kids to the core.
Yeah. Nothing will survive if it went to this kid's hand of hell. Which includes my 'exposed' film in my supersampler. ( And of course he had the astro remote control locked on channel 60-62. And our mahjong tiles, and our playing cards, and my sweets which Ariel brought from Melbourne. Haiya i tell u ah, i will never want any kids.

And i realize this habit of my cousin-family. They, tend to off everything if they are leaving some area, like the fan, the lights in the living room if they heading to the bathroom. And then on it back. Does that way save alot of electricity? My home workstation also been on & off for 3 freaking times. I mean, when the workstation is sleeping, all it consume is 3w. goodness!!

And, while we the chinese are gambling, there are other more hardworking ones working under the sun.

And i'm finally back to work on Thursday. No more late-night-to-morning-mahjongs, but more dinner!


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