Monday, January 23, 2006

Japanese Steamboat

Category: Steamboat, Japanese
Venue: Puchong Bandar Puteri, Shoplots opposite Giant
Time & Place: 8.30pm, Saturday

MiZi Restaurant
Renovation Nicely done. With ala-ala type of Japanese tree & lantern outside as landscape
2 floors where 1st floor is NON air conditioning (might be smoking zone)

The Cashier Area and entrance to first floor.
Quite the Japanese, check out the floor.

MiZi Restaurant
Automatic self-sevice heater/boiler. (Non gas)

MiZi Restaurant
Condiments, the sesame sauce(best!!) & belacan

MiZi Restaurant
Our food! and non sharing self steamboat.
Brocollis, beef & pork, mushrooms, and alot more!

MiZi Restaurant

MiZi Restaurant

MiZi Restaurant
Check out these people, they can eat!

MiZi Restaurant
Empty!! in 1 hour!

MiZi Restaurant
RM75. The food just enough for 3 person.

We all came out with the unbutton jeans :S

and they serve taiwan chinese tea, i tot it was a Japanese Steamboat.



At 12:50 AM, January 24, 2006, Anonymous food-fan said...

most japanese restaurants are open by taiwanese...specially the buffet & steamboat ones.

authentic japanese restaurant hardly come up with such a thing.

maybe i shud go try try also...since its individual steamboat pots....very personal. goooood!


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