Monday, January 16, 2006

My First Home Post

Hah! First post from my home!

Happy, Contented, with the latest gadget at home.

Oh and by the way, PLEASE don't spend your money (and your free ticket voucher) on the 3rd Generation.
Unless you are very very 'mai-sun' type and you liked the number 3 very very much. And, i'm saying about 3 o' clock, 3 months later, 3 red-dye eggs, 3 mangkuk, 3rd of the month, 3 switches, 3 person on a dining table, you know stuff like that.

There's some law from the municipal that local movie shld be given the biggest hall in each cinema that plays the title.
Hence there are about 30 innocent souls in this almost 300 seater hall. It started ok until like 45 minutes later. Somehow 8 left the hall, and giggles were here & there till the lights on. Just because there's just too much of the number 3. No prize for guessing when the next 3 will appear.

And, the camera was sooooooooo still. It barely goes up above the shoulder, there's alot of anonymous performers. If above shoulder wasn't bad enough, there's alot of below the knee length, plus loud foot steps. So Wong Kar Wai stylo, only without delivering the meaning. The only good point i could get hold on is the setup and the props. Good job on that.

And Amber's chinese name is very the lou-tou leh.

First local chinese production. i hoped there will be more commercialised movie and more straight to the point. Malaysian can't understand deep meaning (or rather no meaning) movies.

Till then.


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