Thursday, January 12, 2006


Lala-car will be equipped with Hondata S300, as today.
FOC at the moment for product testing on a stock lala-car, to see the-ever-famous-Hondata-ECU in-USA's potential.

could this small motherboard transform a cat to a tiger?

we'll see tonight (or tomorrow night).

More information on Hondata

Oh oh i also sabo* a red MOTUL umbrella from avantgarde. hehe happy-nye

Finally an umbrella that i really liked.

More information on Motul
for those who have no idea, MOTUL is a somehow expensive brand of automobile lubrication which they carry engine oil, gear oil, motor oil, whatever shit oil that is meant for your car.

*sabo = sabotaged

Finally, ponteng half an hour of work to go workshop paid off! Muhahahahhah.



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