Friday, December 30, 2005


I was so happy when i got this msg from my colleague.

bailah, mei fong, sue, brian, fei tseh, rosedi, veronica, ariel, sharon
come here pls

I know that's the 'come-collect-your-last-month's-claim' message. Yes i'm koret!!

But my cheque written, RM354.40 ONLY.

Surprised, so i checked on the payment voucher, and it's for
- office CD-R
- Event Claim
- Someother misc stuff that i bought for office.

Nothing wrong to you. But, for me, RM354.40 is only about 50% of what i CLAIMED!!!!
I've paid for the company RM350 for Post Office Services (called post jelas which is used to send un-stamped magazines to our subscribers & clients) early December 2005.

This RM350 is something that the company should have prepare for me in CASH and now i withdraw my just-came-in-salary to pay for it. And waiting for the i-not-suppose-to-pay, for a month, is just ridiculous.

-So much for a New Year-


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