Saturday, December 03, 2005

3G phone

u know, it's not easy to buy a 3G phone. i went scouting for one today because a friend of mine interested to get her old SE phone to be replaced. (Welcome to Symbian!!!)

So her choice of phone was the 6680, a dual camera 3G phone enabled.
AP-kei* pricing, approx RM1350, while the oliginal from zitron, RM17-something.

Being 400 ringgit difference, she opt for the AP-kei.
So Sg. Wang is the place to go for mobile deal. Stall to stall we ask, from the cheapest 1250 to the expected price of 1400. (and of cos if use plastic have to add 2% la)

We tot, wah 1250 vs 1400 that's 150 bucks difference. So because of kiasu-ness and duwan to let the credit card to makan interest and charge the xtra 2%, we went to atm, and take out 1300 la.

Went back to the 1250 stall. Phone shown, play play, try this test that, yadda yadda... so, we went ok we'll take it.
So, this guy (which till now we dunno his name but he quite yong sui & abit the lansi wan la) ask if we need to install anti virus or not. Add 150 i give u anti virus + 20 other softwares.
We're like, what the heck, even it's 3G, but i never go online also, tak payah la, the virus kena rate it's like 0% if i not online mah. Somemore those software i got jalan to find & install FOC wan leh!!!

We declined. Lansi guy said: if no install and u kena virus means no warranty u know. and he give us new pricing for the phone w/o installing shit. That's 1280. RM30 more than what he said before we took our effort to walk to atm & line up, and chances of being mobbed. Bastard X 2!

So the cheapest quote of 1250 went to most expensive 1400 package. waste kau my time only. bastard.

So told him off and we walk to the 2nd cheapest quote, and less lansi-ness. RM1280, + installing essential softwares like said above, cos xtra RM50.
No install no warranty. So final price was RM1330.

in simple term, we paid RM50 extra for the warranty cover for anti virus.
I mean the way they do business is dodgy isn't it?

Moral of the story: Do research before scouting. (I tot i did enough but mana tau still almost kena con)

You know what's a chibaikia? it means bastards that selling handphones in sg wang.

* AP-kei means warranty by local distributor in Klang Valley, difference is Zitron got branch all over Malaysia la.



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