Monday, November 28, 2005


I didn't type the letters wrongly. Go figure.

I already know how they work even these hoo-haa(s) wasn't disclosed.

Am reading from famous M'sia bloggers, even the MPs blog (and listening) too much to this no-nonsense PRDM stuff. I'm not gonna tell you what they did. I'm going to open bet on what's their next action is.

1. how PRDM defence themselves & do cover line.
2. how fast these news will subside.
3. who will get fired, the kecik-miau that did some cameo on the mms, or the head above them, or both.
4. what will the next victims be treated? Better, Worse or Still The Same?
Strip & Squad? Consficating their cash & mobiles? Asking RM50 per phone call (or more?),
Beat up, Humiliating, Videocam them?

Fuck-up. See i told you all earlier. It's Malaysia-mu. Not mine.
Lucky i wasn't born pretty, else when they caught you with no-nonsense offence, as other blogger says la, they ask u suck their cock, u suck their cock.



At 5:08 PM, November 28, 2005, Blogger luvgalz said...

police=evildoer=police's confusing sometimes


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