Wednesday, November 16, 2005

sick liao

i'm so sick and totally forgot that i needed blog this so i can blame someone on it. lucky sharona talk to me and i kinda remember to blog. before i off work.

dunno who the fugger bring the virus back to the office. must be the 2 that always sneeze non stop and dun cover their virus when sneezing. and when they start covering, they start throwing their wanton to my waste paper basket after they have their big sneeze. cissssssss. (sorry guys, i'm sick mah, so can blame anyone ~ no hard feelings ok)

i hate sorethroat. make me feel dizzy and wanna sleep. moreover it's been raining non stop today since morning. grrrrrr. cold somemore.

someone throw a question to me
she says: what if u misses someone that you are not suppose to? someone you barely knows? someone where maybe you fascinate from a distance.

erm... i dunno. meh like that lor. let it be la. part of growing process kua. too tired to think ler.

signing o



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