Wednesday, November 09, 2005

complaint woh

been a while since i browse books & magazines and i went crazy for a shopping spree @ MPH.

saw this book, excellent title that will make any typical Malaysian to pick it up.
The title of this book (which i bought and i will tell why later) is
A step by step guide on

a CAP* guide
Learn from the mistakes of others based on actual complaints handled by CAP

*CAP = Consumers Association of Penang

This A5 250 pages book cost RM16. and it's packed with real life cases of consumers who were CHEATED.

wow! nice isn't it? you get to publish a book so all the kon-job is exposed. Shouldn't this be made free as CAP is earning from the kon-job experiences? Clever.

I'm going to read and see if it helps. And the reason i'm paying for it, it's just because, i wanted to know how people got cheated.

Why we (or me alone) picked this book?
Because we can only complain and complain and complain. That's all. :) What can we do? Whack - kau the fella if we got cheated? Keep quiet and be like the upper-class?

This book teach you not to keep quiet. It teaches you to nag & whine so you'll get the result you wanted. And i wanted this book free actually. I wonder i can complain or not.


shits, i got a big boo boo happened as i was blogging this in the office.
No wonder boo boo happens. I'm gonna be so screw up. Will see how it goes. (with heart pounding)



At 5:28 PM, November 09, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hor hor tak tahu!

At 3:09 PM, November 14, 2005, Blogger Remy le Beau said...

I say: we whack-kau the fella first, then keep quiet. If you're still not satisfied, then only you nag and whine to get what you want.


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