Monday, October 31, 2005


aiyo, u know what, i think i like to lose.

now that i know my stock clutch got heated whenever i'm launching. exedy exedy where are you?

it was really really bad, 2 blanks away from mr. 18b.
1st gear, bryan said i came out to late, he got infront of me.
then i was stucked with the 7k-8k-7k-8k rpm, as usual.
up shift and vtec closed!, 4.5k rpm. shits. no need to play liao. Didn't get it right this time.
up shift again and while reaching 8k rpm, poop! and check engine light came out and rpm gone haywire.

and hor, thank you berdyclub & bobo for his APRS lessons. appriciate mah.
hopefully could use the knowledge in the very next game.

and hor, wanna thank you mr bobo for sourcing the semi slicks for me!


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