Monday, November 14, 2005

Parking Fees

check this system

First 4 Hours = RM1
Every Subsequent Hours = RM 2
Sat, Sun & Public Holidays Per entry = RM3
Lost ticket = RM20
Overnight Parking = RM50

now. i went there on a Thursday, and i parked from 5pm - 10.30pm
i end up paying RM7, which if i'd be more kiasu, i would have drive out, and come in again, so i'd only pay RM2. That's RM5 savings if i'm more.... rajin. Moreover, finding parking is not hard at all. Stupid mall.

And if i have to overnight my car there, then the next day i think i'll just report lost ticket. That will be cheaper.

Roadshow went smooth eventhough there's some ohh-ahh. And most important is, that both me & Veron found something very sweet to look at. And that makes the roadshow so worth it. :P

Image hosted by
Clockwise from left: Imperial Royal ke-le-feh guard, Darth Maul, Brian, Me, Veron, Darth Tater, Padme, Oh-shweet-Anakin, Jedi, Marcel, Mr CVS (captain Picard), Hafiz (On drug)



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