Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Elmo Died!

Finally some time to update this. Deadlines all eat into my office time which i used to type & type with alot of grammar mistakes & boring stuff. haih..

anyway, my elmo died!!! shits. He tahan-ed all the torture with all the passengers that board in, but my uncle, killed him. shit u uncle!! dah-lah simply stuff ur big butt into the recaro and then cannot (and dunno how to) get up from it! shits. Simply press the support pad to get up. The support pad is suppose to protect your blardy ribs and make u dun stick to the glass when i do hard cornering and not for u to use and PRESS HARD to get up hor! idiot!

anyway, that's how how elmo was killed. He was killed cos this same uncle PUSH-WITH-ENERGY-AND MAKE-THE-RECARO-TO-GO-BACK-IN-PLACE-AFTER-THE-BACK-PASSENGER-GOT-IN. and i think elmo was stucked with the recaro and snapped, and fall on the floor.
hmmph! tulanz..

see la, if i got good mood, i'll revive elmo back.

Cheap hair cut & nasty ATM idea will be reviewed next.

still tulanz.



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