Monday, December 26, 2005

Xmas and the aftermath

Xmas 1 Course Dinner

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Look so goodddd... the coffee :P

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My Bacon Carbonara.. yum yum

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That's a steak, in such a small portion (no we are not doing fine dining)

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No idea why this fella only eat mussels. And nothing else.

Why it's a 1 course dinner, that's because they forgot to serve my ministrone soup. aiks!

And after some dinner, came the special satay tapaued, to Stevens Corner

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Weight = Gained, definitely
and btw since we are in the food topic, i'm in love with cooking now. I have no idea why my mum ask me to stay out of the kitchen when i was small. i think she wan to have fun all by herself in the kitchen.


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