Friday, December 23, 2005

The Best & The Worst

With christmas is just around the corner, and most of you all might already bought their xmas gift let's see,

What's a good xmas gift?

- to me, it must be something useful or edible stuff like chocolates, wine, beer, will do
- something that i like, like cash, or voucher to eat/drink something, even ikea voucher also good.

What's the worst?

- Never ever get, keychains, stuff toys, mugs, and any other things that kenot play but can keep dust only. (this also applies to those who went somewhere and bought souveniors.

- This is also a reason why, xmas gifts being recycled.

What's the bestest xmas gift?

- gadgets. like high tech digital cameras, video cams, LCD monitor, high tech handphones, cars, performance cams for my car, carboon hood, u know things like these.

And what's with the coperate emails that wishing clients & partners Merry X'mas and they give u a link where it redirects u to the Hokkien Xmas Carol?

i hate CAROL.

And my best xmas gift so far is off day on 24th. - thks boss.
(i suppose to travel from Cheras to Kelana Jaya just to work 2 & half hours before heading home again)

hopefully i could complete the wall painting in my room by 24th. I just love the paint smell. ~~~wheeee


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