Saturday, January 28, 2006

Angpow Culture

As chinese (or not pure chinese) married couples will give children and unmarried adults money inserted in red packets known as ang pow, as a gesture to mean that the recipient will enjoy a fruitful and wealthy life.

Angpows, there are many categories (in term of the cash contained inside).
If you are real close (son, daughter, daughter in law etc), you'll usually get the biggest which somehow averagely it range from RM100 - RM500. There are some richer family even writes cheques).
If you are somehow close, like cousin, you'll get the 2nd biggest amount, averagely range in between RM10 - RM100 and well it depends on how rich the family root is of course.

Then you have the RM5 (average), it's for distant relatives (which normally we see once in a year). And lastly, the RM2 for any passer bys that simply wishes you Happy New Year to get your angpows.

I wonder, how much will my boss give. Maybe RM10 :P

(above happens to Malaysian, in Hong Kong, it's totally different. Those who is real close, will normally get VERY NICE red packet which you have to BUY from stalls, and not free from banks, hypermarkets, and the kedai nombor ekor)


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