Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The 3rd Generation, opps i mean CARD

Yeah right, that's like my desk right?

Macam petition!, and damn it, it really writes - DESK - knn

so much for the office gossip

and i realize the font at the envelope is almost the same in the card. Mesti kerja Maria/Ariel ni.

*gasp! Bright colored thong from Jelly & Ruff ruff! and in size 8!
lucky it fits. phewwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Was in nervous state just now, sked kenot fit.

and... tada! I'm Single T-shirt. Good! time to wear at places where there's rich unker. muhahaha
anyway, i bought this month ago when we went window shopping/dinner with Sue & gang. Was telling myself -DO-NOT-BUY-ANYMORE- X 1000. mana tau this gang so alert. damn i shld have went to the watch shop & drooling at the Tag Heuer instead. hehe
(Thks to Sue, Ria, AY, BH, TFT, Ian, Brian, Sharon, Mai and everyone else that i've left out)

Would like to Thank Everyone who took their time, go through jams & heavy rain to have this Bulgogi thing. hehe. LMF is very bad in expression. Dunno what to say :P Kenot hug also cos we all smells like burned meat.


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