Tuesday, January 24, 2006

More Steamboat?

Location: Seoul Bulgogi
Pricing, RM30 per adult, eat all you can style

I'm single, again

And now i'm a Geisha! :P

oh oh i went to ogawa to redeem my present from HSBC la, then hor as expected, i got offer lah, those package thingy. RM200 rebate for any massage chair, VALID ONLY ON THE SPOT.
since when they adapt the MLM thingy? There are more too, like hand held massager (and oh the model happen to be S200, how i hope it was a Hondata S200 :P) + eye massager for RM299 while normal price its like RM599. LOL!

so i the end i got what i wanted. W/o falling to their trap. hehe

and yes i'm officially, 24. 2 circles around the animals.



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