Tuesday, February 28, 2006

AmBank my ass!

conclusion in short:
if you wanna do your insurance, go to the HQ and not the fucked up AmBank

Yeah yeah, yesterday i called up the customer center about my renewal and also the changed in engine number & capacity. I was told that ANY AMBANK branches can do.

And so this morning i head to the Taman Maluri AmBank branch. Ended up,
- They cannot modify the policy details (changed in engine number & cc) unless the new policy number is out. (meaning pay first do later.)
- Cheque need 2 days clearance. (meaning cover note will only come out when the cheque is clear, by then my roadtax is expired.)

The officer named Rachel, suggested that i go to their AmAssurance HQ and get my card swiped instead. And she advise me for things like this it's better not to get AmBank involved. Yeah right.

Fine, and i got my new cover note, my details updated and my free gift in 5 mins @ their HQ. That includes no-need-to-wait-for-cheque-to-clear. I shld have just go straight to the HQ.

Lesson learned. Stupid bank.

OFFICIALLY 1595cc!! It's legal! No more avoiding blocks :D

check out all the staples mark :S



At 10:55 AM, March 01, 2006, Blogger KY said...

please take me for a vrooom vroom ride


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