Friday, February 24, 2006

Dodgy Letter

Today a letter came via normal post addressed to my mummy.

Return address is an IPOH P.O.Box.
It's an incomplete address. there isn't any KUALA LUMPUR / WILAYAH PERSEKUTUAN
And what's with the ENCIK/CIK? Cannot identify?

Upon opening it, there's 3 bahasa and 1 signature. It's from Perfect Healthy.
So they sell "health products", and we get free OLYMPUS 35mm camera upon visiting the shop and no purchase requirement.

Hey i remembered that i've got same letter too few years back but that time we have to visit CARREFOUR SRI PETALING to get some freebies.
In the end i did not go, and maybe this time i should. Hopefully there's no 45 mins of product introduction.

Anyone could furnish me the questions that i should ask them?



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