Tuesday, November 29, 2005

i hate i hate i hate!!!!

^%$#*&%#@*& machauhaihamkalingtiuniama

u see how these bastards park their fucking car?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

niamachauhai u park like that at night where everyone is sleeping then ok la. it's freaking 9am already and i'm late for work this pokai park the fucking car like this. you think drive civic tai kau sai is it!!!! &*^*@%#&@^($

lucky i got exceptional good skill to get my car out, in time.
(oh btw, my car suppose to be in the 'blackspot' in the pic)


i also hate whoever who doesn't know how to throw away the empty toilet roll in the women's loo. I dunno who you are, so i don't personally hate u, i just hate the person with this kind of attitude. Very hard meh? Just peel off the empty roll and replace la. If so hard then why i have to do it ... average once every 2 days? i also lazy mah. i wish got maid to change the roll and wipe my ass also.


Monday, November 28, 2005


I didn't type the letters wrongly. Go figure.

I already know how they work even these hoo-haa(s) wasn't disclosed.

Am reading from famous M'sia bloggers, even the MPs blog (and listening) too much to this no-nonsense PRDM stuff. I'm not gonna tell you what they did. I'm going to open bet on what's their next action is.

1. how PRDM defence themselves & do cover line.
2. how fast these news will subside.
3. who will get fired, the kecik-miau that did some cameo on the mms, or the head above them, or both.
4. what will the next victims be treated? Better, Worse or Still The Same?
Strip & Squad? Consficating their cash & mobiles? Asking RM50 per phone call (or more?),
Beat up, Humiliating, Videocam them?

Fuck-up. See i told you all earlier. It's Malaysia-mu. Not mine.
Lucky i wasn't born pretty, else when they caught you with no-nonsense offence, as other blogger says la, they ask u suck their cock, u suck their cock.


Saturday, November 26, 2005

Exedy Racing Clutch

Just for my own reference.

Single Plate 3 puck & cover and it's model number for Honda b series gearbox.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and then, i just saw it with my own eyes. Exedy 6 puck hyper single clutch plate. RM2K with clutch cover.
who say takde wan? come stand up.


Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Food, Cut & Atm Review

So, went for a movie yesterday. Some movie which i can watch for free but just, time don't permits. So i paid for it. &^%&^$$((*$&^$#
Anyway, it's not the movie, is, about what you do before movie.
I went, to trim my hair. You know those 10 mins speedy cut where you suppose to walk out and look regretted?
Yeah, RM12, 10 mins.
The broucher reads:
> Professional Cut
> Hygenic & Clean
> Fast
> Value for Money

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

So after looking at the broucher and start peeping in the mini-shop for about 3 mins, the 'Professional Cutter' came walking from nearby food-court and ask if we (me & me fren) need a cut. So yeah i went and give her RM12, and she slot the money in the machine, a ticket came out. And i'm asked to sit at 1 of the chair la.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Then she start asking me, how i wan to cut. Erm. So i say, wan to cut to collar length, and the others just trim will do.
"Corner ah" okok. U wan "Expat" or normal cut? Then i think to myself, what the heck is expat? Must be expert la, since got expert & normal. I've already paid, does it matter? I said to her, normal-ok-liao. I worried end up too stylish for me. Then somehow, she started to talk to me in mandarin. I think she gave up with the language she is trying to master.

When she's done cutting, she on the vacumm hose and plug in a 'comb-brush- like which she took from inside the 'oven' look thingy. Then she start combing the hair and it also sucked in the remaining cutted-hair that left. Weird.

In the middle of sucking & combing the hair, a malay chap ask how much for a hair cut. "12 dorrar, put 10 dorrar and 2 1 dorrar in the masin."

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And that 'oven' like thing, it suppose to be some kind of bacteria killing thing maybe. Inside there's alot of new comb, she took one from it, insert into plastic and give it to me. I wonder if it's really hygenic, because in the plastic still got hair wan woh.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

But, overall, i think the RM12 is worth paid for hair trimming cos i will never go to indian barber, and usual salon will cost more money & time than that, not to mention those stylist will keep asking you to buy their products. And no free comb-lor.

So before i went to 'fast stylist' i went makan la. Makan at
Glitter's Cafe, 1 Utama. Good Food. Not expensive compare to other restaurants with kinda same menu. Subsidary of Golden Screen Cinemas.

Ordered: Salmon Laksa & Kung-Po King (Kung po style pasta), the Herb Roast Chicken was good too!!

With 20% discount (got that from COMag) my total bill up to RM19, cheap neh.
(sorry no pix cos the food really good neh, i totally forgot about pix)

Too bad but i think this cafe need alot more of awareness. There's no patron eventhough the food is real good. I think most people don't know the existance lor... so folks, go try it okay?

So, before i went to food, i need money. And i think it's nice & surprised that the ATM asked such a thing over the screen. Check those pix out. Those are public bank you see. It's not Maybank-my-ass where you need to pay RM0.50 after the first 4 ATM transaction of the month. Gila. this ever charging bank can suck my cock (if i had 1).

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

anyway, 1 nasty idea came up when i saw those screens. What if, other than entering your 6 digit pin number, make it compulsury to enter your phone number. Hehe. I mean, i think, you won't forget your phone number, right?

That time, My-ass-bank can kiss my ass cos it's so mafan to withdraw money, so no one will do more than 4 times a month.

Elmo Died!

Finally some time to update this. Deadlines all eat into my office time which i used to type & type with alot of grammar mistakes & boring stuff. haih..

anyway, my elmo died!!! shits. He tahan-ed all the torture with all the passengers that board in, but my uncle, killed him. shit u uncle!! dah-lah simply stuff ur big butt into the recaro and then cannot (and dunno how to) get up from it! shits. Simply press the support pad to get up. The support pad is suppose to protect your blardy ribs and make u dun stick to the glass when i do hard cornering and not for u to use and PRESS HARD to get up hor! idiot!

anyway, that's how how elmo was killed. He was killed cos this same uncle PUSH-WITH-ENERGY-AND MAKE-THE-RECARO-TO-GO-BACK-IN-PLACE-AFTER-THE-BACK-PASSENGER-GOT-IN. and i think elmo was stucked with the recaro and snapped, and fall on the floor.
hmmph! tulanz..

see la, if i got good mood, i'll revive elmo back.

Cheap hair cut & nasty ATM idea will be reviewed next.

still tulanz.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

what's the point?

I found this particular chatting session is fucking stupid and i do not understand the point of it so i decided to put here in hope that someone who read here would at least try to understand.

i'm sorry if this chatter does read my blog.

*~CK says:
how r u?
LMF says:
*~CK says:
how come/
LMF says:
cos sick
*~CK says:
never take good care of urself eh
*~CK says:
*~CK says:
got ur new car oredi?
LMF says:
new car?
LMF says:
who say i wanted a new car
*~CK says:
hmm, u upgraded?
*~CK says:
the new 3 series is nice
LMF says:
what are u trying to say
*~CK says:
im asking if u upgraded ur car
LMF says:
i did not do anything to my car
*~CK says:
oh ok
*~CK says:
LMF says:
where u get the idea?
*~CK says:
the last time u told me u were lookin for sponsors
*~CK says:
i thought u oredi had it done
LMF says:
oh that's for another car actually
*~CK says:
oh .. u haf 2 cars now?
LMF says:
no it belongs to the workshop
*~CK says:
i c
*~CK says:
u own a workshop?
LMF says:

*~CK went offline

gila. what's wrong with people nowadays?

sick liao

i'm so sick and totally forgot that i needed blog this so i can blame someone on it. lucky sharona talk to me and i kinda remember to blog. before i off work.

dunno who the fugger bring the virus back to the office. must be the 2 that always sneeze non stop and dun cover their virus when sneezing. and when they start covering, they start throwing their wanton to my waste paper basket after they have their big sneeze. cissssssss. (sorry guys, i'm sick mah, so can blame anyone ~ no hard feelings ok)

i hate sorethroat. make me feel dizzy and wanna sleep. moreover it's been raining non stop today since morning. grrrrrr. cold somemore.

someone throw a question to me
she says: what if u misses someone that you are not suppose to? someone you barely knows? someone where maybe you fascinate from a distance.

erm... i dunno. meh like that lor. let it be la. part of growing process kua. too tired to think ler.

signing o


Monday, November 14, 2005

Parking Fees

check this system

First 4 Hours = RM1
Every Subsequent Hours = RM 2
Sat, Sun & Public Holidays Per entry = RM3
Lost ticket = RM20
Overnight Parking = RM50

now. i went there on a Thursday, and i parked from 5pm - 10.30pm
i end up paying RM7, which if i'd be more kiasu, i would have drive out, and come in again, so i'd only pay RM2. That's RM5 savings if i'm more.... rajin. Moreover, finding parking is not hard at all. Stupid mall.

And if i have to overnight my car there, then the next day i think i'll just report lost ticket. That will be cheaper.

Roadshow went smooth eventhough there's some ohh-ahh. And most important is, that both me & Veron found something very sweet to look at. And that makes the roadshow so worth it. :P

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Clockwise from left: Imperial Royal ke-le-feh guard, Darth Maul, Brian, Me, Veron, Darth Tater, Padme, Oh-shweet-Anakin, Jedi, Marcel, Mr CVS (captain Picard), Hafiz (On drug)


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

complaint woh

been a while since i browse books & magazines and i went crazy for a shopping spree @ MPH.

saw this book, excellent title that will make any typical Malaysian to pick it up.
The title of this book (which i bought and i will tell why later) is
A step by step guide on

a CAP* guide
Learn from the mistakes of others based on actual complaints handled by CAP

*CAP = Consumers Association of Penang

This A5 250 pages book cost RM16. and it's packed with real life cases of consumers who were CHEATED.

wow! nice isn't it? you get to publish a book so all the kon-job is exposed. Shouldn't this be made free as CAP is earning from the kon-job experiences? Clever.

I'm going to read and see if it helps. And the reason i'm paying for it, it's just because, i wanted to know how people got cheated.

Why we (or me alone) picked this book?
Because we can only complain and complain and complain. That's all. :) What can we do? Whack - kau the fella if we got cheated? Keep quiet and be like the upper-class?

This book teach you not to keep quiet. It teaches you to nag & whine so you'll get the result you wanted. And i wanted this book free actually. I wonder i can complain or not.


shits, i got a big boo boo happened as i was blogging this in the office.
No wonder boo boo happens. I'm gonna be so screw up. Will see how it goes. (with heart pounding)


Saturday, November 05, 2005


i particularly stuffed myself with lemang, rendang beef, ketupat, lontong, laksa, more lemang, more beef rendang, cookies, cakes, chocolates... burp!

the rendang is so tempting that you know you can't take it anymore and yet your hand won't stop scooping the dishes.

Thanks Bailah, Lin & Ria for the open-house invitation.

all the dieting effort was gone within 6 hours

p/s: got somemore lemang & rendang ar? :P

oh and fug! i got caught sleeping
check out my fugly pic here
(thanks brian)

and i like this pink-ladies pic oh...
From left, Veron with leaves, Geri with good abs & LMF with sunglasses
Image hosted by Photobucket.com