Monday, February 26, 2007


My HDD fails. I've lost my 5 years mails accumulated during my service in the company,

I've also lost all my favourites that give me access to the internal work web page with changgih leave approval system, leave application system, giving people free tickets system, to check subscribers & members system, all the contest winners list system, and whatever else system that available. Grrr...

Also lost all the bloggers URLs too (except that those on the right hand side right now)

Talk about 'not being lazy' and goes to work when everyone is off for CNY. This is what i get huh.

It's a sign, it's a sign. And I'm still talking about work. Damn it.
OK, and finally I'm watching Ghost Rider tonight. I hope Nicolas Cage would still look good.

Hmm.. I'll start going for meetings alone this week. Die die die. Sure kantoi. And kena squeeze left right center.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's CNY again

hmm what u did during CNY ah?
i sleep, wake up, lie on the sofa, TV surfing, sleep, eat, shower, became chauffeur, tired, eat, drink, sleep, go home, sleep, TV surfing. And every house got the same type of cookies. I'm gonna bring mine to office next week so it wouln't last till next years'.

Astro been showing crap shows like Alan Tam (and Hacken Lee) concert. Then 2-years ago this-and-that award presentation. Free TV had better choice though this year. At least there's 1 programmed that manage to keep me from switching away.

The cinema is packed, and Ghost Rider is almost sold out in every session. Go 1-U and maybe you'll take about an hour to find a decent parking after fighting with the old unker in proton saga.

I was longing or work since the first day on CNY. I get sick when i stay too long in the confined area. Must be lack of oxygen. (and hate being a chauffeur) But now, sitting on the desk, i wanna go back to sleep. My eyes sores, my back is pain.

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Rempit got free bikes

Right, so illegal bike racer and taiko on the streets that bullied and beating up road users will get free bike if they become a vigilante. Right. You guys can figure it out yourself.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Protege, Twins Mission & Dreamgirls

No worries there will be no spoilers, because i know everyone will get so bored and will flock the cinemas during CNY. So here's some must, and must-not watch movies.

Protege was good, with superb good-cast, great acting, horrified scene (which looks like a horror movie), but it was abit slow. Don't really know what happened in the end. Did he became the whole druglord, or he continues to be the undercover, tumble the whole drug industry down? And there's 2 *chopped* sex scene which reflexes quite well.

* The last scene, it looked like it was from Bishonen.

Twins Mission, sorry it's not facinating. But there's combination of action, and a lil bit of laughter, not too stupid ones though. But i hate the ending. Kinda stupid. Especially the amazon-reptiles. But i'm sure this is a must watch for Twins fans, and there's a G-cup there. The plot is soooo boring. Go check it out. (when Dreamgirls, Protege, & Ghost Rider tickets sold out). Every 4 tickets purchased in Cathay will get a note book.

Lady Iron Chef. ok zipped. go watch it yourself. Go watch in GSC and get angpow packets.

House of Mahjong. Ok just laugh. if that's all you needed. And maybe can polish up your skills with your grandpa after watching it. movies about mahjong is so outdated. To-date there's at least 6 mahjong movie from HK. Boring.

Ghost Rider. Alot of folks got dissapointed with it. I'm gonna find out why on the 26th. Whatever i said towards the Penunggang Hantu, you guys gonna watch it anyway. Right?

Dreamgirls. i think this would be an amazing one. Adapted from the musical with the same name, badly publicised, or rather i dont see any publicity at all. If you like broadway musical or stage show, this could be your next fav movie after Ray. I'm watching this tonight.

There's one idiot in a new car trying to extort RM150 from my colleague after she backed into him and cause 1/2 an inch of paint chip. Not even a dent. Idiot. If it's not the 'advertised' car my colleague is driving, prolly will get him to fly kite.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

HSBC promo

I think this promo is very successful by giving leftover (and cheap) freegifts with every 300 spent at the curve, ikano, and cineleisure. This week alone i've got 2 umbrellas, an emergency mobile phone charger, a pair of coke glasses, sim backup device. Now left to redeem the ugly car organiser and the coffee maker.

Prolly the curve was the best. There's extra lucky draw for spending 300. And i got coffee bean 25 ringgit cash card.

Now i think i better work my ass off to pay off the debts accumulated.


Yahoo! Seminar

Was in Yahoo! Online Planning, insights and can't-remember-what-else seminar. Anyway it was in hilton and maybe its so stress that they give stress ball, a pretty nice note book, and a 3 inch thick media guide(not in picture).

And prolly from now on i'd be experiencing mobile blogging more. Sigh