Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Pictures Update 2

how the grill being cut

messy messy rubbish dump

my wardrobe.. and my bras

in the midst of fixing new door

... no lock for the night

and the CSI team dusting for fingerprint

pix update

this blog deserves more pictures so.. there you go.

Fake livestrong found at Sg. Wanghttp://kylielmf.blogspot.com/2005/05/one.html

Thursday, May 26, 2005


after living for 23 years, i've finally experienced what is it feel like when your house being searched. Yep, just like what you can see in those TVB drama, only that it's messier.

The neighbour must be sleeping because there's no way it's gonna be a total silent when he* cut my grill lock, and broke the fireproof wood door lock. it's so badly done that he* broke the frame as well and it's a waste of time to fix it back. Unprofessional work.

so he* searched my mum's room and turn it upside down, now it looks like some kind of rubbish dump. did some search on my room cabinet but gave up cos i've got too much unwanted stuff.

search the last room too where we use to make it a store room. gave up too. hiak hiak

so what's lost in this whole process:
1. mum's cash incl some HK, China, USD $$
2. some jewelleries
3. my 2000 series silverish/gold tag heuer
4. a free watch from HSBC (PREE)
5. my new favourite 'The Pacifier' shoe bag (and thank god he* throw out all the stuff from the bag, else i'm gonna lost the supersampler that elaine gave/loan to me)
6. half a dozen of bird nest that i bought for mum

so this story is:
reach home at 7.30pm, mum waiting to go to police station to lodge a report
reach cheras station about 7.50pm
report started 8.10pm
end about 8.30pm after this L./kpl using 1 finger to type. it's good that they have LCD screen though.. am jealous!
then came another victim, my nearby neighbour.. same thing happen to his home, same way too.
(he lost quite abit, at least a rolex compare to my lowyah tag, some LV bags & freaking 11K of cash)
we were told to wait for the officer (c/insp) to lead a team of CSI ( :P ) for photography & fingerprint dusting.
9.30pm, officer bring another 3 which i believe it's CSI team for dusting/photograph session.
and btw, 4 officer was in my house, only 2 working. 1 bz with dusting & photographing, another 1 bz drawing my house. the other 2, sitting there & watch.. the whole process. and no they did not wear gloves either.

after everything's done, mum bz cleaning the 'dust' & packing stuff till 3am!
and do not mess with those dust, it made my leg ALL DARK! ~ hard to wash too

will post up pictures once i've manage to dwload it
till then, enjoy this experience.

* note:
being sexist, i assume he's a HE, and he's working alone, from the way he* searched the house, cannot be a more than 1 person work.

i promise to cut his fingers off if i ever know who it was, cos i want him to be more professional next time and don't go break ppl's door & frame.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

zeta bar

have you heard of it?
it's located at Hilton KL Sentral and it's full of ladies (and i meant those above 30 yrs old), men (in their 30s), ang mo scouting for 'food'.. and yes it's not a place for youngsters like us. at least i know i won't pay RM50 for the entrance, and having a rule that i can't wear a baseball cap.

watever it is, been there, and nothing to shout about. (maybe i'm old and out of touch that's why)

so we (sharon & friends) went all the way back to poppy garden. it was fun there, at least i got nice sofa to rest my ass on.
that's the fun of going out with sharon.. hiak hiak.. i got to rest my ass.

hehe i have no idea why the cameraman likes to left a space on the side...
right to left: Sharon, Kylie, Denise, Pacey & LMF (that look like a s*hai, maybe cos i'm already drunk) in Poppy Garden



Thursday, May 19, 2005

The One

I've got myself the ONE BAND. Finally.
However, the packing, does come cheap.
no seperate packing. and the quality is not as good as the livestrong ones

check it out at www.one.org

yesterday, saw replicas of live strong, in purple.
the sales girl have no idea why i holdng the bands and laughing madly.

didnt' have a chance to catch SW yet. not really anxious for it anyway.
i shall wait till 25th. FOC

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


my wish list for now:

1. a second hand o2 xda II

2. lomo

3. puma replicat/speed cat racing shoe

4. bmw-willams F1/puma white(or navy) jacket

Thursday, May 12, 2005


my oh my... it's been a week since the last update

1. when i was young, why there's no one telling about this career as a pilot?
was board in airasia, and man i love the feeling of taking off and landing. i love it so much.

2. kuching have good laksa, just behind Pandugan opposite RHB bank. (bestest sarawak laksa)

3. kuching have a good coffee place called bing!
some place that i don't mind going everyday ~ pix will be up soon

4. sitting at the back of waja suck big time

5. i can take good sexy pictures of someone else

6. the only thing that i miss in kl is my car. it's good to drive it today.
the feeling of control & respond is back!

7. i'm craving for a puff, but whenever the ciggerette burning half way, i tend to feel that it's very smelly and throw it away. i think i can quit soon

8. can't think more now.. i shall update pictures soon :)


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Jedi Guardian

You are a Jedi Guardian.
The Republic wouldn't be the same without you. There are alternatives to fighting, but you will do what you have to do to defend the peace. Refine your skills by growing stronger in your connection to the Force. It will get you through many difficult circumstances.
May the Force be with you.

Source: http://www.tvguide.com/special/starwars/quiz.asp

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

it's my weekend well spent?

my body's aching!
i need to workout for real this time, really.
went for a session of squash and i was panting already.