Thursday, May 12, 2005


my oh my... it's been a week since the last update

1. when i was young, why there's no one telling about this career as a pilot?
was board in airasia, and man i love the feeling of taking off and landing. i love it so much.

2. kuching have good laksa, just behind Pandugan opposite RHB bank. (bestest sarawak laksa)

3. kuching have a good coffee place called bing!
some place that i don't mind going everyday ~ pix will be up soon

4. sitting at the back of waja suck big time

5. i can take good sexy pictures of someone else

6. the only thing that i miss in kl is my car. it's good to drive it today.
the feeling of control & respond is back!

7. i'm craving for a puff, but whenever the ciggerette burning half way, i tend to feel that it's very smelly and throw it away. i think i can quit soon

8. can't think more now.. i shall update pictures soon :)



At 3:29 PM, May 12, 2005, Blogger juan1252 said...

wait till u board a bigger plane. u will love it even more.

finally u are giving up ciggies. good. i just bought my second pack yesterday.


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