Thursday, May 26, 2005


after living for 23 years, i've finally experienced what is it feel like when your house being searched. Yep, just like what you can see in those TVB drama, only that it's messier.

The neighbour must be sleeping because there's no way it's gonna be a total silent when he* cut my grill lock, and broke the fireproof wood door lock. it's so badly done that he* broke the frame as well and it's a waste of time to fix it back. Unprofessional work.

so he* searched my mum's room and turn it upside down, now it looks like some kind of rubbish dump. did some search on my room cabinet but gave up cos i've got too much unwanted stuff.

search the last room too where we use to make it a store room. gave up too. hiak hiak

so what's lost in this whole process:
1. mum's cash incl some HK, China, USD $$
2. some jewelleries
3. my 2000 series silverish/gold tag heuer
4. a free watch from HSBC (PREE)
5. my new favourite 'The Pacifier' shoe bag (and thank god he* throw out all the stuff from the bag, else i'm gonna lost the supersampler that elaine gave/loan to me)
6. half a dozen of bird nest that i bought for mum

so this story is:
reach home at 7.30pm, mum waiting to go to police station to lodge a report
reach cheras station about 7.50pm
report started 8.10pm
end about 8.30pm after this L./kpl using 1 finger to type. it's good that they have LCD screen though.. am jealous!
then came another victim, my nearby neighbour.. same thing happen to his home, same way too.
(he lost quite abit, at least a rolex compare to my lowyah tag, some LV bags & freaking 11K of cash)
we were told to wait for the officer (c/insp) to lead a team of CSI ( :P ) for photography & fingerprint dusting.
9.30pm, officer bring another 3 which i believe it's CSI team for dusting/photograph session.
and btw, 4 officer was in my house, only 2 working. 1 bz with dusting & photographing, another 1 bz drawing my house. the other 2, sitting there & watch.. the whole process. and no they did not wear gloves either.

after everything's done, mum bz cleaning the 'dust' & packing stuff till 3am!
and do not mess with those dust, it made my leg ALL DARK! ~ hard to wash too

will post up pictures once i've manage to dwload it
till then, enjoy this experience.

* note:
being sexist, i assume he's a HE, and he's working alone, from the way he* searched the house, cannot be a more than 1 person work.

i promise to cut his fingers off if i ever know who it was, cos i want him to be more professional next time and don't go break ppl's door & frame.


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