Saturday, February 05, 2005


I'm going to be dead of boredom soon. Pls submit me some websites to visit.

Went for seoul (pronounced SOUL) raiders gala premiere at GSC Times Sq yesterday.
Nothing much on the movie, some better chinese movies, with good plot and goot cast. Definitely have beginning & ending.

Apperantely the cinemas are called 'floating cinemas' somehow it's been wrapped & padded by foams to absorb the roller coaster effect nearby. I wonder, who pay for the cost? Cosmo world & GSC & Berjaya?

It's been seperated by a floor. GSC is located at 1st & 3rd floor. Yep.. seperated. Nothing to shout about but pls pay a visit when the seats are not stinked yet. Be the one to stink the chair, not the victim of stinked chair.


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