Thursday, January 27, 2005


Lots of update. I've been MIA again, cos, the bluetooth problem is not solved. I can't upload pix.
Anyway, last sat went to see the all new curve, but nothing much there. Most attractive to me was the car park. It's a MUST VISIT. Maybe it's still new. Let's see some pictures.

Monday, i've been taking role as despatch. So then i decided to do my alignment as well. 1 hour is worth the wait, cos it's company's time anyway.

Night. The big nite, so called. I declined & warn anyone that try to sing me burfday song! NO! NO SONG!!!!!!!!!!! So i had banana leaves at bangsar. A good one. it's so full that i can hardly move.

Next, someone conned me. End up with a bottle of Bollinger and 7 seater table. That's so much friends i have. Darn! And i've got this as present :P
Nah it's actually a bangle hidden in the rubbish. And thanks daniel for the Green Shirt that i can't put on. I NEED DIET!
Till then, adios!


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