Saturday, January 01, 2005

No Standard

Tell me, if you have a credit card, and you have a suplimentary card issued,
will you able to pay back the bank via the sub-card?

The answer is NO. That's for the [NO] Standard Chartered Credit Cards.
Tell me, is this just plain stupid or what?

I went to pay the bank, using the sub-card. Weeks later, i've got the letter, stating the main-card been block because no payment being made. So, i made a complaint call, and thus i found out, yes they have NO STANDARD at all! Tell me, is this an international bank?

The funny thing is, the main-card & sub-card share the same credit limit, but they don't share the same account.
I'm dissapointed. I'll rely on the other so called 'International Bank' Card from now on.

Next, IMAX for the second time. Shall wait for T-rex, and Star Wars Final Episode, if LUCAS ever gonna made it to IMAX format.


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