Friday, December 31, 2004

Ultra DVD Seller

Stucked in jam. at 8.30pm.
Decided to call a friend up for a short TT session.
"Test Sitting' in a MR2. One word, SYOK!
going sideways is something i can't do, at least not daring to do it.

2. DVD sellers are getting bolder. Standing beside the road, selling the products, car by car.
Remember when you are kids, there are '4D results' seller running around junctions?
Yeah, they bring catalog, a paperbag for the products, and walk from car to car.
How desperate can that be?

3. Kudos to Mum. Packed 4 bags of clothings for Tsunami Victims Donations.

4. Lastly, i've got my car UR'ed. And only posting it out today, after testing regular routes.

It does help, i'd say it loudly. Less body roll, better(or should i say daring?) cornering, stiffer ride, and lastly, my regular 120km/h weird vibration has gone!

Results, are like i had back my adjustables, without sacrificing the comfort.
Frankly, before this, i don't believe in shite like this. But yes, that prove me wrong.
Definitely recommended.

Next upgrade, rear upper bar. Made to fit. Price, less than 100. Definitely trying to be ah-lian


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