Monday, January 03, 2005

Recaro Search is on!

Went to an interview with Jaclyn Victor at 8tv today.
I don't understand that why 4 people

- li shen (suppose to be PR, half way PR, half way writer)
- sue [writer, interviewer]
- hon fei [he's new and coming in for editorial training]
- and me as photographer

As i guessed, boss sent an email to LS bcc'ed to me.
i guess i'm off the hook if he let me know about the question he's directing to LS
i'm always safe. i hope it's gonna be like this, since there's NO BONUS,
all of the so called colleague said above treat me like s***i which they think i have lots of money to spend. [let's skip this and i'll forgive them cos i believe they never worked in a REAL company with REAL politics before. RM38 bucks to buy their personality, is much worth it]

Today's appointment with recaro doesn't come to success, although price is ok, but it does look old. old as in lots of dust. Dissapointed. The search goes on. Can't wait to get my butt on it!



At 12:00 AM, January 04, 2005, Blogger juan1252 said...

hey, dun worry ok? we will look for the most beautiful seats your ass can lay on.

search hi and low! be patient! trust me.



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