Saturday, February 19, 2005


After Jalan Cochrane (pronounced KOK-KRANE) finally being tarred and all the uneven holes & the irritating Telekom bricks being flatten, the digging starts again. I don't understand, why must they DIG on the blardy road.
Why can't they leave the road alone? What kind of bad planning is that? How bad can it be, when someone dig on a newly tarred road, and then simply patch it back, leave it for a year or two, then the goverment tarred back, and then immediately, they start the digging work again.

Bad bad planning. This is the only thing i cannot stand being a Malaysian. Proud to be Malaysian... my arse.
If i am the head of JKR, i'll make sure there's a law that said:
who dig the road will have to TAR back the whole stretch. (In this term, i hope they don't start digging Jalan Tun Razak, cos that stretch seems to be VERY VERY LONG)
Else, fine. Yeah! that's what we good at. FINE. Undertable $$ don't work this time.

Roger and out. Gonna catch Triumph to the Sky now. Missed like 4 episode already. Missed the song as well. (it's by eason)


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