Sunday, February 20, 2005

Discover the tiger

My reading:
Year of Birth: 1982 Eastern Sign: Dog Western Sign: Aquarius

You are determined to do what you believe is right-regardless of the consequences. As a result, you may become known as a bit of a nonconformist or rebel, but you may well only display these qualities when you're pushed to the end of your patience by what you view as unfairness, prejudice, or discrimination. Until you actually reach that point, you'll do everything that you can to keep the peace but once your indignation has been roused, you'll likely be unstoppable as an advocate. Needless to say, you're a devoted friend and partner.
The intellectual fire you'll likely become known for is strongly described by the astrological factors you inherited, as well. Seven planets in the heavens above you occupied fire and air signs, known to be "masculine," or "assertive" in nature. These energies beautifully outline both your passion and your substantial cerebral abilities as well as your innately straightforward and outspoken personality.
This strong propensity to stand your ground and fight for your ideals shows the depth of your integrity and your high moral standards. In short, although you'll undoubtedly live life by your own rules, your respect for the right of others to do the same will win you the admiration and support of many. When it comes time to choose a partner, you'll need to find someone as independent and emotionally determined as yourself. Sagittarians, other Aquarians, and Scorpios would probably make good choices.
Your challenge is to detach yourself from no-win situations, no matter how deeply and emotionally involved you are. Your gifts are your passion and commitment.

Fair enough, everything sounds correct, for those in bold. Hmm..


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