Saturday, April 29, 2006

Where's our courtesy?

After a week long of carless situation, i opt for the rapidKL LRT services, which cost me RM 4.70 per trip, RM 9.40 both ways.

i was ok with their service even though it's not really an ideal walking distance from my house. What really makes it bad was the people taking it. Men, women, dressed up, fighting to see who's stepped on the door first, and the train isn't really stopped yet. What about those coming out from the train? If they are not out, can u get in?

When the petrol price increased, i considered taking public transport and now after more than a week on it, i'd say THANKS.

Moreover, i only use RM10 per day for petrol, and i can go home anytime i like.
The stress & 'tired-ness' can never compare even you were stucked in 2 hours jam with racing clutch. Really.



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