Saturday, April 08, 2006

LRT no seats???

It's been a while since i took the Putra LRT, as a Saturday morning, and my legs are a little big sprained, i tot i could sit. Hmmph!! 15 stations standing. But good also la, esp for those that pretend asleep when they see old woman / pregnant woman / blind unker is near them.

And i was quite happy when i saw this. (minus the Eragon spelling mistake) but the main point is i realize, the measurement is not correct!!!! it's wider than the given size!!! i can see the bleed. (graphic term ok not bleeding) ARRRRGH!

Oh 1 more thing. I'm fun. I still works even if i reach home @ 11pm. What a good life i'm living.

Opening some files cos PC cannot read .dsc (it became some database file) files. Thanks bill gate!

Burning it into cd because office yet to get a thumbdrive. Even at RM135 for 1gb.
Wasted 50 cents for the cdr.

and watching the latest 'original' 24 season (season 4) as part of the job. Yeah! Staying up till 3am after long hours in office trying to watch a series is fun.

Don't envy if i die earlier than you. At least i got to watch 24 w/o paying.

LMF will be car-less for a week or 2,
now, i'm gonna sleep at 3am, wake up at 7.30 to catch public transport, work till 11pm and take LRT home is nothing funny, anymore.

anyone wan to give me a ride (even better if u lend me your sepot car) for 2 weeks?



At 1:34 PM, May 02, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if the depreciation of price of a thumbdrive is equal to, less than, or more than the number of times we use it instead of a 50sen CD

In the time it takes for a thumbdrive to depreciate from RM120 to RM100, would we have used it to transfer so much stuff that could fit into 40 CDRs?

Something to ponder. If not, then might as well use up to 40 CDRs while waiting for the price of thumbdrive to drop from RM120 to RM100, and another 40 again from RM100 to RM80 for all the stuff transferred or carried.

Thumb pro's - Thumbdrive smaller and easier to carry than CDRs

CD pro's - if kept somewhere, it has backup of whatever was transported even if eventually lost on the source or target PCs

(confuser says - there's more to decisions than meets the eye)


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