Thursday, March 23, 2006

Razr Me 2

What's yummy? As thin as the ping pong cracker, i gave up my phone for this sleek basic call in call out, sms machine. Yep, all the blacklist caller, file explorer, self download games, sms storer, very pc like series 60 nokia. I gave it up.

After 2 days of usage, i found out motorola did improve alot. (My last hellomoto was v3688) Navigation never been easy, no more pc like folder, oh oh and i found it kinda user friendly, even for noobs, like me.

Mine came in full package (however it's a non-iTunes package) which i don't really need itunes else i've got to sync the moto itunes with a pc, and limitation to about 50/100 songs.
256mb transflash it's really a plus here. No more paying for more memory card shit like now kiamsiap nokia used to provide us 16mb memory card. Cilakak.

The most basic feature to look for, the iTap (T9 or dictionary equalevent) style of typing.
Speaker is good, and, so far i found it's easier to mod the v3i, compare to nokia. You just need a program called motomidman and you can reconfigure alot of stuff already. The only drawback i have now is i'm not using a PC, and oh my sms cannot be categorized in folders anymore. At least it's not something i know i can do without modding it.

Somehow i think the smart key & volume key should be built @ the body (next to keypad) instead of near the LCD. it does feel a little fragile to put force on the smart/volume key.

And, there's only 1 port you need. the USB port. Charger, handsfree, sync all from same port. Now i wonder if i need to charge & use handsfree at the same time.

1. Tons of manual books.
2. Installation/Sync CD
3. Leather pouch + belt clip
4. Stereo Handsfree / earphone
5. USB cable
6. 256mb Sandisk T-flash
7. Handstrap
8. LCD dust cleaner
9. Charger (not pictured)

and all these for .. only RM990
worth it? Definitely. (that's because my 1 & 1/2 year old 6600 only worth RM400, and it was bought 1,300) So fraid not, you'll prolly get a v3i 2 years later @ RM400.

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