Monday, March 20, 2006

Razr Me

It's a familiar look, newly upgraded. Every detail of the RAZR V3i has been attended to with extraordinary careā€”from its precision cut, illuminated keyboard to enhanced features like speaker independent voice activation, MPEG4 video playback, removable media cards, an integrated music player, and quad-band global GSM coverage.

Rock out without ever missing a call. Easily switch between your music and phone calls on a mini USB stereo headset. Pump up your music collection. Refresh your tunes with a removable memory card.

Its distinct design is expertly engineered. A slim package includes all the features you crave. Two color screens, including a brilliant 2.2" internal display.

Never miss a shot with the 1.23 megapixel camera and 8x digital zoom. Record and play back MPEG4 video clips. Store photos, video, and more on removable memory cards.

And so i've given up to my ol' faithful 6600 that serves me well as a sabun phone. Bulky that i know i won't lost it, even though these few months she's been acting up weird. Took me about 1 minute to save a picture.

it's been a while since i'm back with silm phones. And i hope this razr won't have thehang kei problem. All i need now it's just another phone to call, sms & take simple notes & reminders. And it's a bonus if it comes with a nice speaker. iTunes compatible? I hope so.

It's all because of a devil sitting beside me, with the '1 change, all change concept'. I'm so done.
Yeah so there will be a table with all identical v3i. So wat?

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