Tuesday, March 07, 2006


It's been a while, am still suffering from the sudden 30 cents fuel hike. Everything increased. Not too sure about my weight. Thank goodness i eat bread for lunch. Yet to visit any 'restaurant' to get FREE "tulan" over those noodle store that increase 30 cents per bowl of noodle. I'm sure sometime soon the 'cina teh ais' is gonna be 70 cents soon. As compliment to this,the TULAN doesn't cost you a cent. OMGWTFBBQ - 1

I'm not sure if anyone feels the same like me. Ever since the 30cents incident, i've been late to work. No prize for guessing, there are idiots that doing constant speed on a FAST LANE. yes. when i said constant, it's 60km/h. On a 3 lane highway. There's even some in a super ridiculous slow like 40km/h on a two-lane. OMGWTFBBQ - 2

Constant speed - tips from the star. Click for more. More X 2

And, I just got another wtf news. My fren's STOCK 13" ALLOY RIM been NICKED. It was exchanged with another STOCK rim besi where the tyres were at it worst condition. Happened at Segambut KTM parking lot. OMGWTFBBQ - 3!!!!


Avantgarde-d - lala, ah lian, whatever. at least the tap R sticker is original, and REAL. And i can go boasting, i got a REAL tap R sticker.

i'm sick of the neverending nonsense i have to face every day. i like to manage, i don't like being managed, and things that screws up my managing work. i wanted to quit. but to where? Maybe i should start doing automotive. It's never a bad idea, just that i need to get rid of my fats, and start wearing little, hanging at workshops. And i get the share. Yeah.




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