Friday, March 31, 2006

Carrefour VS Giant

The most interesting visual that i saw today. (there's something even nicer to complaint but i'll save that for later)

Carrefour (pronounced CAFU and not CAREFOR) VS. Giant (pronounced JAI-YERN and not GI-AN ok)

If CAFU is cheaper than Giant, they can use CHEAPEST meh? not CHEAPER ah? I remember last time my england teacher say if 2 then it's -ER if more than 2 then only -EST mah.

The nearest GIAN from my area is Taman Connaught (i have trouble spelling this taman name). Which is like 7km (or more) away. Like that also wan to fight meh? If fight must go Jusco lor, since both are only about a KM away.



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