Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sri Garden

Gosh, when i stepped back in my high school, i missed it so much.
Really. That kind of ol' feeling just flew back on my face. It's all left in memories and i regret so much that i did not socialise as much with the teachers when i left.

And the reason i was there, because 2 of me-frens was there for badminton. Sigh.

i have built up my shopping list:
1. PS2
2. New Jeans
3. New Backpack
4. New work clothes
5. DVD series. Prison Break, Lost 1&2, L-word s3 (if it's out), 24 season 2
next question, where am i gonna find money to complete these?
1/5 add on
6. New Brassiere

anyone have any good tyres recommendation?
i'm lookin at
- Falken Azenis RT 215
- Yokos AD07
- Dunlop SP9000
- Toyo T1R
- BFG Sport

i need superb no fuss cornering + good sprint combination, together with wet grip - too much to ask.



At 11:08 PM, April 30, 2006, Anonymous v0ices said...

If I were you? I will choose the AD07.

Hey. A few autocross coming up. You joining?

At 6:19 PM, May 01, 2006, Blogger LMF said...

with such shopping list (added in more today) i don't think i have enough to spare to setup the car.


i might be putting car dreams on hold till further notice. Too much to handle & juggle with only 2 hands.

back to AD07, the lifespan is too short isn't it?
i'm driving my car everyday neh


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