Wednesday, June 14, 2006


looking back 3 years ago, that's June 2003, well i can't really remember wat happened back then. But i remember i wasn't so calm as i'm typing now. I was a hot head, i got angry too easily. I scold, i hurt, i probably harm people. I'm revenge-ful. I turned my sorrow to revenge.
Ya, that's what i am.

I guess people do grow up. I have more self control than ever. Revenge is no longer in my word of life. But sorrow always stay. It probably will. And it's not good because you never gauge that this could bring you this low combined with a tensed body and mind. Wow. I felt like i could breakdown anytime soon.

I felt hopeless. (this sounds like a suicide note somehow but, nvmd, it's just prolly one of my PMS + bad hair day)

**NOTE: this is wat i felt 3 days ago. Now i'm fine ok. Thanks for you guys concern.**

Never consume beer with empty stomach! remember to eat



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