Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I can go MV parking woah!

I can go up to G & H zone woah!! (if i'm alone in the car)

But only can use reverse parking.. and cannot opt for those parkings with 'pole' in the middle.
Actually i was trying to park like normal, head in first. Then lucky i went down and go survey first. My lips gonna scratch that *yellow-bar-that-protect-your-car-from-falling- down-the-building*

so i have to drive back out, and reverse in. Consequences of lowered with 15 inchers.

Oh ya, and Cars was nice. Only some part where it's getting a little bit boring. If you haven't watch, go check out the end credit scenes. Best!

- Monster's Truck Inc.
- Cars Toy Story
- A Bug's Life (VW Bugs)

and... MIKE & SULLEY BECAME CAR!!!! so cuteeeee



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